At Creative Kids our infant program is a little community designed to nurture young babies while fostering the quickly changing physical development.


We provide a loving and safe, secure environment. The focus of the Program is to convey to each little one, a basic trust in the teachers' response to their needs, both physical and emotional.


We provide high quality materials that are well maintained and arranged for the babies to have greater opportunities to explore their world safely, using their senses and learning naturally through their experiences.


Our infant community includes curriculum developed specifically for this age. The first few months of a child’s life are crucial to their long term development. The staff of Creative Kids spend each day opening new worlds of discovery for them in this creative class, full of happy language, music and sensory stimulation.


Our Learn Every Day curriculum is a part of a complete research based system of early childhood education and care.  It is child-focused and uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery.  We understand that learning and development are anchored by long-term trusting relationships with our caregivers. 

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