Your child's eyes will light up with excitement when they see our Creative Play Yard!

On 4 beautiful acres, it's designed to delight! Your child will enjoy all these fun and imaganitive features:


  • Play units for climbing, jumping and sliding
  • Construction zone for digging and building
  • Outdoor gym for sports like basketball
  • Free space for large group games
  • Butterfly garden for pure wonder
  • Sand and water tables for developmental play
  • Open-air ampitheater for children’s performances
  • Raised garden beds for planting and growing
  • Trike paths with safety zones for safe travel
  • Themed cottages, a gas station, a farmer's market and a playhouse for role playing
  • Climbing walls for adventure
  • Outdoor easels for painting
  • Chalkboards for chalk art
  • And more!


There's never a dull moment!

Children will eat a wider variety of food (yes, even vegetables!) when they prepare it themselves.  That's why you will love our Creative Café as much as they do

  • Currently seeking A Culinary Teacher for our Center!  Please contact our Center for information! 



Art is not just a three letter word for coloring!  Many children can express themselves through art in ways they can't through other means.  That's why we all love Art Incredible!

  • At Creative Kids, we offer an option of a weekly art class for ages 3-12 years *addtional fee*
  • Students experience true and different forms of art expression
  • Please call the school office for the complete details.

Art Classes run during the normal academic months of September - May 




We also offer other enrichment programs that are available for Dance through "Studio Go" - 

N- Zone Sports and Tumble Bus!  Enrollment forms are available at our front desk! 


Enrichment acitivites are for Fall Winter and Spring Sessions and are paid for outside of the normal tuition for our programs directly to the providers.  Our Summer Camp weeks begin the first week of June each year and we have Summer Themes and extra acitivites for all of our age groups!